January 2018
Groeien is
January 2018
Introducing Genesix
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each night, when I go to sleep, I die  
 the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn

bed & breakfast

Let your story begin…
Once upon a time, around the year 1550, a farmer decides to build this farm. Not knowing it would still be standing here today for you to stay in. Although many stories of this place are not known to you, we hope you will experience a spark of the heritage present.
This stable behind the farm - opposite to the village church - originates of the time of the reformation. You were either Christian or Protestant. On the other hand, it was also a time that freedom of belief was born. With that belief a prosperous period in the era of mankind unfolds. It was also the origin of this home. Whatever you believe, or whomever you believe in, we hope you will experience the unfolding of a new journey. Just like so many people did before you in the last 500 years.
Welcome to Genesis
• Shelter for one or more nights
• Experience distinctive and authentic bed & breakfast in an old Dutch center
• Enjoying heritage
• Enjoying the outdoors with gardens, beaches, water and dining
For whom
Travelers, wanderers, pilgrims, crusaders and globetrotters.

For reservations please Ask Marc or consult

Check for details the Book of Genesis
Note: We invite you to believe, that it is no coincidence that you are staying at Genesis.