January 2018
Groeien is
January 2018
Introducing Genesix
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a creation story with you in the leading role


Every successful entrepreneur comes to stage that he feels he has reached an evolutionary stage that demands new perspective and solutions. A whole new kind of return is needed and wanted. It is the faze in which action, creativity and people skills come together in a way that seems more like choreography than working. It is the most rewarding place that entrepreneurship will give you. It is the reward for daring to go Beyond. You will strive for ...


Entrepreneurship is very personal matter. Everything that is human about it, is something to consider. So doubt is natural, even necessary. When it comes down to this, Genesis is number one in dealing with the challenges that you deal with as an entrepreneur. The acknowledgement that you are an entrepreneur is not the purpose of Unleash, it is the ground that we work on. And only than the journey begins...

Leap of Faith

Entering into entrepreneurship is a matter of belief. Sometimes we meet entrepreneurs who just cannot help wanting to make that step. The proof is in making the step itself. In the end, entrepreneurship is always about taking action. Whether your belief in yourself, in others, in the concept or company is valid, it is dependent on the quality of your connections. You are not alone and it is not only about you...