January 2018
Groeien is
January 2018
Introducing Genesix
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all the world’s a stage

theatre for art

Once... Almost 5000 years ago, rainwater poured down. A man with a beard felt that he had to build a boat. The sea level rose. When it was time to go, he called all the animals. A pair of each species. A man and a woman went on board. 

"But where did the Unicorn stay?" "The Unicorn is a mythical creature", said his sons .. "made of paper". "Nonsense", thought the man "who looks different, can see differently".

In a heart-warming manner Niels takes the audience by the hand along the road from the water to the rising sea. We discover a wonder under water and when the sea level drops, we look carefully in the land of hereafter...

This is the example of one of the performances made by artist and storyteller Niels Brandaan-Cotterink. Genesis is the home for many artists. They take our creations beyond…

For whom
For artists and audiences.

Note: Please visit Facebook for future performances.