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January 2018
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entrepreneurship is the beating heart of the company


The entrepreneur-DNA is based on how successful entrepreneurs around us manifest themselves. When you compare this with your own behavior, you can influence your own potential in a practical way. Selling as an entrepreneur. The awareness and quality of an agreement. Really knowing what you want, because you commit to it. These are just a few ways how the entrepreneur-DNA will guide future outcomes.

Ten building blocks are central to the DNA:

1. Initiative
You make your own choices, so you start from yourself. You look for opportunities and sees. You are curious and investigates personally. You are stubborn and do not want to be instructed by others. You are pro active, so you do not wait. You accumulate info to reach and clarify goals.

2. Action
You undertake, so you like to take action as soon as you see a chance. From within, you have an urge to perform. So that you can dominate the outcome of situations. You are practical, you solve problems, and you confront problems with others directly.

3. Commitment 
You are devoted and dedicated to something that feels personal. You have a strong inner drive to reach your goal and you overcome obstacles. You continue where others give up. You want to take responsibility yourself, so you are willing to make personal sacrifices. You are tenacious and persevering, which results in keeping agreements (with your self). 

4. Creative
You devise new ideas or innovative solutions, new actions to overcome obstacles. You are resolute and think in opportunities and possibilities. Therefore, you see combinations and solutions that others often do not see. For you, nothing is true yet, until determined so by you. You create growth. You search and find ways to implement faster and cheaper. If necessary, you switch to an alternative strategy or change the rules (within the game).

5. Energy 
You have fun and energy. You are positive and you are fit. So you can get up early and/or stay up late. Above all, you are able to charge and manage your own battery, so you can stimulate growth. You work hard and you are stress resistant. You have a strong belief in your own abilities. You take on risks and you risk failure, loss, pain and loneliness. You play to win.

6. Connection
You are engaging and win people for your cause. You convince and mobilize people to win. So you have impact on others. You influence them and let them move in your direction. You stimulate and take care of the satisfaction of your customers. You tell others what to do. You reprimand those who do not perform according to expectations. You convince others to buy a product or service, to finance, or to support the company. You connect business contacts and sometimes you use influential people to support your own goal.

7. Business
You create (cash) value and you prevent risks from turning out negatively. You earn money, so the revenues exceed the costs. You are more focused on ownership than on making margin. Through calculation you know what you earn. This results in a positive balance of assets and liabilities. You have a positive attitude towards money. You optimize turnover and minimize costs. You collect resources for opportunities where others do not succeed. You ensure that matters can be dealt with faster, with fewer resources, or with less capital. You have a realistic look at the world around you and the way you interact with it. 

8. Focus
You know what you want and what you do not want. You know what you want to achieve, and you believe in what you want. You are able to let go of something else to reach your goal. You know how to realize an idea. You have an attitude of stubbornness and mistrust, when asked to deviate from your focus.

9. Talent
You are a craftsman / woman, or entrepreneurship is your craft. Because you have special ability you are able to put yourself first. You consider yourself number one. You have an internal compass, an instinct. You want to challenge and compete with yourself. You feel confident with your talent, and know how to profit of it. You mobilize yourself effectively. You recognize your weaknesses and you like to see others excel in them.

10. Plan
You devise a logical plan to achieve a goal. You break a plan into separate tasks. You devise a plan that anticipates obstacles and explores alternative scenarios. You approach actions logically and systematically. You draw lessons from evaluations and know how to apply this. You are able to stick with a plan.

Note: The entrepreneur-DNA is based on empirical research using hundreds of sessions with entrepreneurs and its reflection on the "Attitudinal Characteristics of real entrepreneurs" by Professor Klaas Molenaar of The Hague University of Applied Sciences.