January 2018
Groeien is
January 2018
Introducing Genesix
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a creation story with you in the leading role

...... the program

Genesis-gear focus on several levels and many aspects of entrepreneurial growth. From the profit of connection, to guarding the entrepreneurial spirit for next generations. From learning the true being of focus, to being truly committed. Our professionals are authentic about what they can and want to achieve.

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Genesis 1-on-1, max 2 hours
Coming of the entrepreneurial spirit.
Beware. There is often no way back.

Genesis beyond, periodic sessions of 1 to 3 hours
Creating a unique outcome in time.
Dreams do come true.

Genesis workshop, 2,5 hour group session
Experiencing entrepreneurship in interactive way.
Connecting is a condition for growth.

Genesis training, 1 to 3 days
Facing personal challenges to becoming entrepreneurial.
Skills manifest that show the entrepreneur.