January 2018
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January 2018
Introducing Genesix
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what is your entrepreneurial talent?

the full monty

Entrepreneurial spirit
This is the inspiration with regard to a mission or right to exist. It creates awareness to the identity. By means of the Mojo-method you determine yourself the composition of your identity as an entrepreneur, so you are more aware of your own strengths and potential.

Personal script
This is a personal life plan, drawn up in younger years, endorsed by parents and later experiences, resulting in expected outcomes. This proves obstructive and helping convictions that give or deprive the energy for entrepreneurship.

Brain power
More insight into your patterns of thinking can lead to the awareness of effective patterns and less effective patterns. This can lead to successful entrepreneurship. The thinking profile makes you aware of that thinking pattern and shows where your strength lies. It can also predict how you deal with entrepreneurship situations.

Profile of leadership
We all have our preferred style of leadership. One entrepreneur does not delegate anything and likes to do everything himself; the other prefers to delegate everything. It is obvious that your preferred style is optimally related to the size, situation and culture of the company that you wish to own.

Profile of behavior 
This profiler helps you to recognize your own behavior profile. There are strategies for every behavioral profile to deal with optimally.

Profile of negotiation 
This profile shows what your natural style of acting is in situations where different business interests play a role.

Sales profile
Optimizing turnover is the lifeblood of every company. We therefore investigate some essential human characteristics for the type salesperson you are.

Learning profile 
When people grow in the company, the company grows. Everyone learns and grows in his own way. If the entrepreneur has more insight into this, he may be better able to positively influence the growth of his team members. It starts with recognizing your own profile.

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