January 2018
Groeien is
January 2018
Introducing Genesix
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which great deeds are your talents capable of?

unleash your mojo

Go to for more details. Genesis is one of its proud founders.

"Imagine you are lying on your deathbed. Around your bed are the spirits that embody your unfulfilled dreams, ideas, talents and abilities. They are angry and disappointed: "We have come to you. Only you could have brought us to life. And now we must leave together with you forever. "How many ghosts are there around your deathbed when your time comes? Which dreams, ideas, talents and abilities die with you when your time comes? How much time do you have left? You do not want to take all of your potential into the grave? So use all your talents and possibilities. Share them. Release the brake: bring your Mojo to life! "

Mojo stands for entrepreneurial spirit. You are a human being born with entrepreneurial spirit. Free, creative, passionate and talented. You can use your capabilities to bring the entrepreneurial spirit of people around you to life. And Mojo helps you with that. It is the most imaginative method to bring enterprising people to understand what they are capable of. They dare to dream bigger, because their talents come to life with the figures of Mojo.

It answers questions like:
• What are my entrepreneurial talents?
• What is my main talent?
• I want to start a business, but can I do that?
• Who am I as an entrepreneur?
• What roles do they fulfill in my company or team?
• What additional talents do I need to be able to do business successfully?
• What mission do these talents want to achieve?
• How can I optimally profit from my talents?
• What does my mission mean for my brand and marketing strategy choices?
• In what phase is my company and which talents are at my disposal?
• What talents do I need to successfully lead my company to the next phase?