January 2018
Groeien is
January 2018
Introducing Genesix
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to go where no man has gone before


Every successful entrepreneur comes to stage that he feels he has reached an evolutionary stage that demands new perspective and solutions. A whole new kind of return is needed and wanted. It is the faze in which action, creativity and people skills come together in a way that seems more like choreography than working. It is the most rewarding place that entrepreneurship will give you. It is the reward for daring to go Beyond. You will strive for solutions that you know you strived for as a human being, but did not feel confident to go for and did not know what is needed.

• To go beyond your existing threshold
• New perspective on entrepreneurship
• New entrepreneurial energy
• Entrance to a new evolutionary stage
• New types of revenue through connected employees and customers
• Entrance to and return on a network of amazing energetic professionals
• Return on a special connection of energetic professionals
• Usage of new and effective entrepreneurial tools
• Promise of future evolutionary stages

For whom
For entrepreneurs that manage a company for a longer period of years. Sometimes even decennia. They own a company that has quality awareness and makes a profit. However, its growth has diminished and a change is needed. You want to solve this by investing in yourself and see that you ‘own’ the growth. You are not seeking a quick way out, but you do wish to acknowledge quick wins on a new path ahead. Just like any other entrepreneur would wish.

Note: Genesis has a limit to the amount of Beyond-journeys facilitates. The solutions of Beyond are a matter of quality, not quantity. They are personal and scarce.