January 2018
Groeien is
January 2018
Introducing Genesix
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unleash your mojo

Entrepreneurship is very personal matter. Everything that is human about it, is something to consider. So doubt is natural, even necessary. When it comes down to this, Genesis is number one in dealing with the challenges that you deal with as an entrepreneur. The acknowledgement that you are an entrepreneur is not the purpose of Unleash, it is the ground that we work on. And only than the journey begins. You are invited to let go of attached expectations of family, friends, society and customers. This is where the rediscovery of what is true begins. People are complex. Fortunately, entrepreneurship is not. It is a simple method that only demands of you to use it accordingly. So you will.

• Brakes off
• Energy to the maximum
• Stepping in to the light; showing yourself
• Creation of a personal brand
• Selling your beliefs
• Enjoying a profile that is true and worthy
• Taking on challenging
• Execution with guidance
• Going from one entrepreneur to an enterprise

For whom
For entrepreneurs that just started or have been working without spirit for years. It can be a relaunch culturally, organizationally and/or artistically.
Note: Genesis has been guiding entrepreneurs in this manner for more than 10 years all over the country. It has unleashed bakers and consultants; even nuns and royal lackeys.