Introducing Genesix

Finally, the right technology evolves to achieve what Genesis targets: to see that everyone on earth is entrepreneur(ial). The philosophy of Genesis is about the bigger picture that the whole world is a better (and special) place through the experience of freedom, equality and unicity. This can create more often harmony. Blockchain is the technology that has the potential to facilitate this.

Genesis is currently investigating the way of introducing an ICO for this purpose: Genesix. Genesix will build off lessons learned by previous entrepreneurs and blockchains, and optimizes for the long term. Built by RebelsLab and supported by a diverse array of partners. Genesix will be engineered to meet and exceed the high standards of the blockchain community.



Marc Hoogvliet

No. 1 for the entrepreneur who invests in himself. Entrepreneurial anthroposophist, specialist in the psychology of the entrepreneur, artist, choreograph of entrepreneurship, founder Genesis, founder Unleash your Mojo, founder, trainer, coach, green field investor, director Kite Capital, Shinto aware.